Poster Competition 2017 – and the winner is...

An entrepreneur dares to dream and dares to make a dream reality. This thought is what inspired 22-year old student, Clara Maj Pinholt, who is the winner of the Poster Competition. She is now going to design the visual identity of Danish Entrepreneurship Award 2017.

Danish Entrepreneurship Award is a day of innovation and entrepreneurship for students and young people and this year the visual identity will be designed by Clara Maj Pinholt, who studies Visual Communication at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.


From dreams spring good ideas and from good ideas spring creativity and innovation. A poster aimed at entrepreneurs has – in my universe – to make space for dreaming”, says Clara Maj Pinholt about her design.



A clear message and a confident graphic style
127 poster suggestions entered the competition this year, but the judges agreed that Clara’s poster hit the spot with a clear message and a confident graphic style. The judges were Janne Høgshøj, art director, Danish Connection, Ulrik Bogetoft Ærenlund, art director, Fingerspitz Advertising and Niels Haugstrup, project manager for digital media and branding, Fonden for Entreprenørskab.